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For over 20 years, Mark Lees Skin Care has been developing science-based skin care products and cosmetics for acne, clog-prone, sensitive, and aging skin.
The Mark Lees system of skin care products developed from the needs of thousands of Dr. Lees' own clients who needed effective products but had consistently experienced breakouts and irritations from many other products they had tried.
Many moisturizers and other skin care and cosmetic products contain fats, oils, and waxes that can clog pores and make problem skin worse. They also often contain fragrances, color agents, and other ingredients that can irritate and cause sensitivities.
Mark Lees eliminated these ingredients from our formulations. Further, the products are tested in independent consumer testing laboratories by qualified dermatologists and scientists using the most scientific standards to ensure that the products are safe and very unlikely to cause irritation and do not cause clogged pores and breakouts.
Mark Lees products are extremely easy to use and will take only a few minutes morning and night.
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PCA Skin products are designed to provide the most technically researched, results-oriented formulations available today. Biochemically compatible with human skin, PCA Skin's products contain a unique blend of vital nutrients and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in an aloe vera base. The entire PCA Skin family of skin care products are free of dyes, color additives, synthetic fragrances, comedogenic (pore-clogging) oils, waxes and other ingredients that are known to cause irritation or sensitivity.
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ViDerm Philosophy is that every client deserves a skin care treatment plan that fits their skin-type, schedule, budget and, most importantly, their desired dermal result. Founded by A.F. Kalil, M.D., Kalil Medical Products, Inc. is dedicated to creating innovative "Next Generation Aesthetic" products to be available to all.
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The incredible quality of Leonisa's products is due to the years of experience and the type of technology used to create their innerwear. The company offers not only comfort but the shape, long-lasting wear, security and toxin-free innerwear that will always treat your skin right. Once you try Leonisa, you won’t ever go back!
Leonisa produces 90% of our raw materials and 100% of our garments in 44 of our manufacturing plants – so they can, for sure, guarantee the highest quality. Also, the company has an advanced laboratory with patented machines to ensure superior developments.
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Fusion Meso is a multinational company specialized in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of aesthetic treatments, beauty devices and cosmeceuticals for doctors, dermatologists and beauty professionals. Since its inception in 2002, Fusion provides professional solutions with a high degree of innovation.
Today, Fusion Meso has an extensive network of national and international distributors in over 55 countries. Fusion Meso is an internationally renowned brand in the field of cosmetics products, beauty devices thanks to its tireless research and development work and the efficiency and safety of its treatments.

Alopecia Areata - Fusion treatment is a common autoimmune disorder that often results in unpredictable hair loss. Treatment with Fusion-HAIR is an exclusive product that treats alopecia effectively. It was formulated to repair, fortify, revitalize, and stimulate hair regrowth.
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